Saturday, April 4, 2009

Silicon Valley: Here we come baby!

Well it has finally arrived! The ITA trip to Silicon Valley begins today.

As the students and their families arrived for our departure from East High School, there were huge smiles, some nervousness and some looks of not really knowing what to expect on our first big trip. But as the students and their families started to look through the wonderfully prepared trip binders (thanks Alison and Erica), the agenda for the week became much clearer. And yes, after seeing the weeks agenda and the assignments due some of the grins did go away.

The ride to Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport was the bomb (I think the kids today still use that?). We rode in the comfort of a limo bus with DVD player (thanks Kalia for sharing Twlight (I can’t wait to see the end) and very comfy leather seats. If the ride to Milwaukee is any indication, this should be a fun trip.

While all of the students and Erica make it through security without any problems. I have to sadly report that today I was “that guy”. You know “that guy” that holds up the security line. That guy who has to go through the metal detector several times before getting clearance. Well, today was my day! I forgot my I-pod, that I had some change in my pocket and my trusty cell phone. I finally made it through and none of the other passengers seemed too annoyed with me. The students were wonderful, playing cards and chilling out as we waited to board our plane.

As we neared the departure time for our flight to Minneapolis there seems to be some anxiousness. When I heard “ Northwest flight 357 is boarding”, it really hit me that we were on our way to San Francisco!

Our flight to Minneapolis was ok for the most part; however the landing was horrible. It was like being on Tilt- a- Whirl (poor PaYing-her first flight). But we all survived.

The best part of Minnesota was being able to grab a good cup of coffee from Caribou Coffee. By the way…. the airport is truly like being in a mall.

A funny thing happened to us on our way to terminal for our flight to San Francisco, We were stuck on the tram. The Minneapolis airport has this wonderful tram service (think Disney world) that moves you through the airport. Thankfully we were only stuck for about five minutes. Too bad the sun wasn’t out today!

On-ward to San Francisco. Our trip into the bay area was very nice and smooth. One of the best flights that I have been on in quite some time.

Well, it’s end of the night (well at least it is in Madison) and we’re all checked in our hotel for the evening. And other than getting lost on the way to the hotel, Day 1 has been a huge success!

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