Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Silicon Valley: Trip Blog

Today was unexpected, in the world of business, i find that like all business, only one intent, profit, but my ignorant aspect was reverted, i now know that Businesses can intertwine with kindness, pleasure, and social-welfare. Businesses, profit, money, greed, charity, philanthropy should not be a obligated chore, as if they have to, to advance their image, gaining publicity. Ignorance is bliss, Cisco displayed more of a philosophical aspect, but im sure Apple, and Google have theirs as well, my judgment, bias as it was, decided to favor Cisco over them, it still does, but now i believe that all business have a deeper pursuit, than profit. Cisco is a good corporation.

Human Touch, Connecting lives, and communication. Cisco provides us that opportunity in wireless networking.Cisco's products unite their partners, investors, and their co-workers, and families globally. I feel that Cisco will contribute to the advancement of "Human Touch", through their products, such as the "Telepresence", a product which can allow all users to digitally view each other, and hold conversations,meetings, and brief speeches, as if they were actually there. The Camera, used in broadcasting the users, well built, can even zoom into a motherboard, and perceive the tiny text defining the parts, some of us had to squint to see the labels, machine 1, man 0. jk
And models come in sets of 3's so the meeting can hold more than one person,. They're ticket at around +$5000. "Telepresence" can take some stress of the economy's struggle for gas, no strong need for transportation. Cisco does not allow its employees to travel, at all, they are strict on their policy, and it encourages the use of their "telepresence". Schools will be revolutionized, classes can be held whenever, wherever, the weather, the health condition, well maybe... "Telepresence" will change our social lives.

The IP Phone, was just amazing, the concept complex, the uses, simple. Users can choose different views on Game Events, order food, refreshments. I was Impressed by Cisco's products, and presentation, the presentation, much more appealing to the others, superior in fact.
The HQ, as futuristic as it was, it still had the modern 2000's feel, to it. Cisco focused on both business, and philosophy, which i admired, allowing both an average joe, and an average businessman could, and can.

-Lejia, and Tenzin..

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