Monday, April 6, 2009

Silicon Valley: HP & Stanford

So we finally had the chance to see the site where Hewlett-Packard began. We took pictures of the garage and it was real great. I was very fascinated by seeing the exact site where such an industry took place. It's amazing how two people with a little imagination can turn out to be so successful. After many photos by the HP Garage, we took a tour of Stanford University. There was so much artwork around the campus. We saw many statues and paintings. The scenery of the campus also was lovely. I never seen a campus with that like peach feel color with different shades of red plates for its roof. It is a lot smaller compared to University of Wisconsin-Madison, but they have a lot more on display to see around the school. I personally liked this campus more overall because I know I'll rarely see snow around. After the tour, we saw a snippet on how much robots have changed the world. It's crazy to think of how much the world has evolved since the creation of the first robot. I hope to see some robots on the streets in the decades to come. Overall, today was great. We saw where the beginning of a currently billionaire industry began and had the chance of touring one of the prestigious colleges in the nation deemed "The Havard of the West".

Pari & Quentin

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