Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Holiday Luncheon

Not to irk any former ITA students, but at one point a very prominent staff member of ITA stated "that was the best ITA Holiday Luncheon ever!" Over 400 attendees registered beforehand, the party was held at the Alliant Energy Center, as ITA was too large for a UW venue. It was a very energetic Saturday afternoon, to say the least!

We kicked off the morning of the day in the labs at Computer Science. A few test retakes, and (eventually) rehearsals of the skits and performances ensued. As it had gone the last session, the students took charge of the performances, working it out in the hallway and where they could find space, and calling their own shots. The instructors were able to help students to catch up on things and finish before the semester ended.

After about an hour, we all climbed on a big ol' yellow school bus to head over to the event.

Paul, a trained actor, first led the Juniors though a cool-down/warm-up relaxation gig. Kevin decided he could use a stretch as well, so he joined in, even though he wouldn't be performing. Calm and cool, until about 12:15, the Juniors ran through rehearsals, which improv kept lively each iteration. 

The Seniors rehearsed some more out in the main lobby of the Banquet room, as anyone else presenting continued to find a somewhat quiet place, and continued to make small edits and additions to their presentations.

The luncheon itself kicked off by Bronson and his younger brother, Preston, playing an unbelievable original piece on classical guitars. 

Next, everyone grabbed some lunch while dual projectors showed the lovely Freshman/Sophomore Photoshop/Illustrator pieces. 

The Seniors then presented their "Senior Thesis", with great stuff from educational flash games to websites and marketing designs for non-profits. 

The Juniors then presented -- it was the stuff of legend. An Excel Game competition, with half the class rooting for "Noah" the Jock and the others for "Terrence the Terrible Tigrr" the Nerd. 

Eddie was the sports announcer, and some excellent lines included "great weather out there folks, for software sports fans, not too chilly, clear skies." AJ reffed keeping things clean. 

The Terrible Tigrr won, declaring he was taking his entire team to wallgreens with the $5,000 dollar prize. Noah said he went out there and gave 100%, but his competition put up an excellent game. 

Maya concluded, letting the audience know the Excel unit isn't all about acting, but we actually learn some spreadsheet software. 

The Luncheon continued with an amazing song from Carrie, done in sign language. She had asked to perform at the last luncheon and has spent the past year preparing. It was flawless and awe-inspiring.  Lastly, the keynote speaker, Police Chief Noble Wray. 

Bronson and Preston finished things off with another mind-blowing guitar piece, and the day was won. 

Thank you to all staff, parents, students, and guests for making this the best luncheon ever for ITA! This set a new standard for our gatherings!

Composed by: Kevin Doran | Edited and Posted by: A.J. Daughtry Krill

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