Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ITA's 8th Annual Summer Picnic

On 8.13.2009 we went to the Henry Vilas Park and Zoo for the annual ITA picnic! There was lots of food, fun and friends!

In the 1st annual kickball game the Sophomores beat the Freshmen 1-7…but the Freshmen made a great comeback to win the dodge ball game! Someone brought the cutest little cupcakes, and ALL the food was delicious.

Most people eventually made it into the zoo - we went in with Jacob, Kim, David, and Jose. We saw Black Bears, Brown Bears, Lions, Tigers, [OH MY!!]. We went into the Birdhouse, the Herpetarium, and the Monkey House. The monkeys were wonderfully furry and there was a chimp with his foot randomly on the window. It was hilarious. And Clara took the coolest ever picture of a tiger. It looked like it was trying to eat her. Which it probably was.
The poor polar bear was dying (not literally), because it was so hot. And the badger was really hyper. 
Note: Clara is the one who notices these weird things :D
The goats were weird and crazy about food. Speaking of giving food to animals, we fed the ducks  (before we realized we shouldn't do that) and ended up with a very hugely enormous flock of ducks/geese clamoring for food. It was scary.
There were these really pretty birds...and huge snakes. HUGE. SNAKES. O.O Pythons and anacondas. And there were huge turtles too, but they weren't as freaky as the snakes. HUGE. SNAKES. O.O
But anyways. It was pretty cool. But we returned to the CS building the next day to get back to basements and computer projects for the Summer Recognition Lunch. Bye!
                                                                       -Clara and Aubrey, ITA Students
                                                                                 [Edited by A.J.]

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