Friday, January 6, 2012

Berbee Derby - Team ITA! (update / re-post)

AJ Daughtry Krill
- Lead Tech Instructor -

This November, we had an ITA Team participate in the Berbee Derby again!

We thought we'd update with you with how the experience went, through the words and photos of one of our students. She participated in it last year as well, and here's her story from this year's event:

The Berbee Derby was lots of fun this year, just like last year. My brother and I got up early thanksgiving morning to run (a true accomplishment for my brother, who usually sleeps in until noon on weekends). The motto for them is "just like a thanksgiving day parade... only faster!" and that's exactly what it is!  Imagine yourself, racing past people with turkey costumes and all other kinds of thanksgiving getup! It's so much fun, and it's a great experience because there's usually someone you know there who you didn't even expect to see!  I saw some people who go to my school right before the race started, and I got to say hi to them. I ended up seeing my uncle after I finished the race, and I found out he ran the 10k. I didn't even know my uncle ran at all, so it was a pretty cool surprise. It's always kinda chilly, but that's just part of the fun of running on thanksgiving! You should definitely run the Berbee next year!

Also, here are some new photos:


The IT Academy has recently received a generous grant from the Technology Education Foundation that the Berbee Company set up and endows with the proceeds of a charity run/walk called the Berbee Derby.  ITA was also the very first recipient of grant funds from TEF back in 2004!  For the past two years and into the future, to show our support and gratitude, ITA has been organizing an ITA Team to participate in the Berbee Derby!

The event takes place on Thanksgiving morning, at 9 a.m., starting at the Berbee campus in Fitchburg. Participants can register for either the 5K run/walk or the 10K run.  Cost is $25 and it includes a Berbee Derby event t-shirt that is personalized with "Team ITA" printed on it.

Different staff members, DoIT collegues, and ITA students along with their families have participated in the past two years!

Here's what one ITA student had to say about her experience:
The Berbee Derby was a great experience. Sure, it was on Thanksgiving morning- but that's part of how great it was! There were so many people there of every imaginable athletic ability, old and young alike. It was pretty cold, but we were mailed these nice little hand warmers and some complimentary toffee along with our Team ITA t-shirts (which are very cool!). The atmosphere was very fun, and they had a tent with coffee for those of us who don't wake up that well. I also saw some friends I didn't even know were coming!

The best part is completing the race. You watch as each and every person crosses the finish line, and everyone looks so happy! And, it doesn't matter what time slot you are given. Finishing and achieving your goal is all that matters.

I'm really glad I came, and next year you should come too!
It sounds like it was a great experience for her and her family to share!

If you are interested in the Berby Derbee, check this out:
View this Slide Show from the 2010 Event!

Stay tuned to find out if there will be a Team ITA in 2011!

~ITA Staff

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