Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Site Update: The Scorester!

Sometimes band-aids are needed while the skin heals...

The Scorester is a (non) creative name for eliminating the LiveNotes. The LiveNotes were conceived by AJ as a temporary way to show the students' their current PLC progress, as the tools required to properly store and manage the PLC data are currently incomplete. As many instructors know... this is quite a chore to constantly update an html table in a textbox. In addition, all this data that was painstakingly entered was completely temporary and impossible to tabulate.

Hopefully, we can eliminate these shortcomings for the time being with the Scorester. Simply put: it's a way to enter in BTW "scores", permit test scores, and road test scores for each class (or individual student), and be able to actually use all this data in the future and now.

When you load up a class and topic in the Scorester, the current HIGHEST score for each category per student will be shown. When you save a new score, nothing is overwritten; the new score is just added to the student's history. While there is currently no way for anyone to look at this data easily, it's there, and can be pulled in the future when the PLC website functions are fully... functional.

On an individual student's status page (their home page), they will now see an automatically calculated chart displaying their highest PLC scores per topic. These scores are being pulled from the data entered into the Scorester.

To note: while all the scores entered are saved, only the highest score will be displayed to the student. This should work just fine, unless a data entry mistake is made. For right now, if a score was entered improperly (for example, a 809, when it should have been 80.9), let me (Drew) know and I can remove that score or adjust it manually.

One last note: should we keep the LiveNotes, to be used for their original purpose? The original purpose, for those who wonder, were to inform the student briefly of what might need to be done. So let's say an instructor goes through a class's Flash BTW projects, and then needs to tell each student what is missing from the project. Type it into the live note!

You'll see these changes, including the Scorester, in less than a week (probably).

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